Form 8A Statement of account & solvency

What is MCA LLP Form 8

MCA form LLP 8 or statement of account and solvency composes a filing which should be furnished every year by all limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) enrolled in India. No matter whatever the turnover of the LLP is, Form 8 must be filed with the Ministry of Corporate.

Due Date of LLP Form 8 Under MCA

30th October of each financial year would be the last date to furnish the LLP. If an individual would not able to furnish MCA LLP Form 8 can impose a penalty is given below. Moreover, to file LLP Form 8, all LLPs should furnish LLP Form 11 prior to 30th May of each fiscal year. 

MCA LLP Compliance Chart

All LLPs enrolled in India should furnish the mentioned forms each fiscal year, whatever be the profits or turnover of the business is. 

  • Filing of MCA LLP Form 11 – Annual Return – Due on 30th May
  • Filing of LLP Form 8 under MCA- Statement of Account and Solvency – Due on 30th October
  • ITR-5 – Income Tax Return for LLP – Due on 31st July if Tax Audit not needed. Due on 30th September, if Tax Audit is needed.

Penalty for Non-filing of MCA LLP Form 8

When the LLP is unable to furnish Form 8, then a penalty would be subjected to pay from the last date of filing of Form 8 till the actual filing of the Form.

Small and Other Than LLP 8 Penalty

Essential Points:

  • Every LLP enrolled on or before 30th September is needed to essentially furnish a statement in MCA LLP Form 8 towards the fiscal year ending on 31st March.
  • The last date to furnish Form 8 for the Financial Year ending on 31st March 2024 would be 30th October 2024.

Account and Solvency Statement

MCA Form 8 is also called Statement of Account & Solvency. In Form 8, the LLP should furnish the information of the financial transactions within the fiscal year and the position to finish the fiscal year. Moreover to the fiscal part, the LLP should mention:

  • Show that the turnover exceeds or less than Rs 40 lakhs. 
  • Show that the LLP has previously furnished a statement showing the creation of charges or modification or satisfaction till the current fiscal year. 
  • Show that the partners or authorised representatives have opted for effective handling and responsibility to maintain enough accounting records and preparation of accounts. 

Attachments with LLP Form 8

The below-mentioned documents should be attached with Form 8:

  • Mandatory: Disclosure under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.
  • Towards the emergency liabilities happen, a statement of contingent liabilities needs to be attached.
  • Any additional details would be given as an optional attachment. 

Chartered Accountant and Partners Signature

Form 8 is needed to be digitally signed by a minimum of two Designated Partners of LLP or Authorised Representatives of Foreign LLP. Moreover when the total turnover of the LLP is more than Rs 40 lakhs or partners’ responsibility for the contribution of more than Rs 25 lakh, then Form 8 must be certified by the auditor of the LLP/ FLLP. or, the digital signature of a minimum of two Designated Partners would be enough.

Step by Step to Produce MCA LLP 8 Form

Part A: Statement of Solvency

LLP 8 Form Statement of Solvency

Part B: Statement of Account

LLP 8 Form Statement of Account

Step 3: Statement of Income and Expenditure

LLP 8 Form Statement of Income and Expenditure


LLP 8 Form Attachments

Step 4: Appendix to Statement of Account and Solvency

LLP 8 Statement of Account and Solvency 1
LLP 8 Form Statement of Account and Solvency Part 2

Step 5: Attachments and Verification

    What do you mean by MCA LLP Form 8?

    LLP Form 8 is an Annual Filing Form that is needed to file along with ROC every year. The same is a statement of accounts and solvency. The same Form poses a declaration on the basis of the solvency of the LLP by the designated partners and indeed the data concerned to the statement of assets and liabilities and statement of the income and expenditure of LLP. the same forms need to be furnished via LLP on a yearly grounds.

    Who must furnish LLP Form 8?

    Every LLP existing or started on or before 30th September will need to furnish Form 8 before 30th October.

    Who is privileged from filing Form 8 LLP?

    LLPs started on or after 1st October 2018 are privileged from furnishing Form 8 for the fiscal year ended 31st March. but, they may voluntarily file Form 8.

    Could Form 8 of LLP be amended once it has been furnished?

    No. there is no choice but to amend Form 8 once it gets furnished. Thus, much more care should have opted during the filing of LLP Form 8.