Society Registration In Punjab

Society Registration In Punjab – Complete Process


Society Registration in Punjab is a way to create organized groups with mutual aims and goals. Non-profit Organizations, social clubs, cultural associations or any other endeavor, etc, get a legal recognition and a structured framework for operation after their legal registration as Society. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of society registration online, outlining the process, benefits, and important considerations involved.

The process of Society Registration involves various intricacies and approvals from the Government. So Consult with Professional Utilities for the purpose of registering a society in Punjab.

What is the Society Registration Act,1860?


The Society Registration Act, 1860, is a legal framework that governs the registration of societies and their functioning in Punjab. It aims to promote and regulate various non-profit organizations working for charitable, literary, scientific, or social purposes.

An organization or group of people could decide to register as a society under the Society Registration Act, 1860 in order to obtain legal status if they are working together for the good of the community rather than for their own benefit.

Documents Required For Society Registration In Punjab


Documents required for Society Registration are as follow

  • PAN Card of all members of the society is required during the process of registration along with the application.
  • Aadhaar Card, Passport, Bank statement, Driving license, Utility bill, or any other Residential Proof required of all members for registration.
  • A legal document Memorandum of Association is created, which includes the name, registered address, area of operation of the society.
  • At least 3 members of the governing board should sign the XRules & Regulations.
  • Copy of registered office Address Proof along with NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the landlord, if any, has to be attached.
  • A complete list of all members of the governing body is given along with their signature.
  • A covering Letter mentioning the purpose for which the society is being formed
  • The President of the Proposed Society must give a declaration stating that he/she is willing & qualified to hold the mentioned position

Eligibility Criteria for Society Registration

Society Registration eligibility criteria generally includes the following:

  • Minimum Members: Minimum 7 members are required to form a society.
  • Common Objectives: Members must share a common social, cultural, charitable, literary, scientific, or other non-profit objectives.
  • Non-profit Intent: Society’s Primary Purpose should be promoting the welfare of the community without the intention of making a profit.
  • Jurisdiction: Society must be formed within the Jurisdiction of the applicable government authority.
  • Legal Capacity:Members should have the legal capacity to enter into contacts and form an organization.

Types Of Societies

The Societies can be classified on the basis of their objective they are formed. Different types of Societies are listed below:

  • Charitable Societies: Charitable Societies aim to uplift the underprivileged section of society and undertake projects to support their welfare.
  • Educational Societies: To advance and disseminate knowledge through educational institutions Educational Societies established.
  • Cultural & Art Societies: Cultural and Artistic Societies are established for preserving, promoting, and nurturing Punjab’s diverse cultural heritage.
  • Environment Societies: These Societies work on ecological conservation, sustainable development, and environmental awareness.
  • Health & Medical Societies: Health and medical societies are concerned with public health, healthcare services, and medical research.
  • Women’s Empowerment Societies: To promote gender equality, empower women economically, socially, and politically Women’s empowerment Societies establish.
  • Sports Societies: To promote sports activities, tournaments and physical fitness, sports societies are formed.
  • Youth Development Societies: Youth development societies focus on the overall growth and development of young individuals. They provide platforms for skill development, leadership training, career guidance, and entrepreneurship initiatives.

How to Check Online Status of Society Registration?

Steps you might take to check the online status of a society registration are as follow:

Step 01. Identifying the Official Website

Step 02. Search For “Status Check”

Step 03. Enter Required Details

Step 04. Check Status

**Additional Steps

In case, if you can’t find an online status check option on the website, look for contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses or you can visit the office of the relevant agency and inquire about the status of the society registration.

Importance Of Society Registration In Punjab

The society registration is crucial for the following reasons:

Legal Recognition:

The registration provides as formal evidence that the society or non-profit organization is a recognized legal person with rights and obligations.

Access to Funds and Resources:

In order to provide financial grants, funds, or other resources, many government bodies, as well as private foundations and corporate entities, demand a current registration certificate.

Limited Liability:

When a person registers as a society, they typically receive limited liability status.

Credibility and Trust:

Possessing a current registration raises the organization’s credibility and encourages trust from partners, donors, and the general public.

Benefits & Tax Exemptions:

The registration is required to verify conformity with applicable tax regulations and to receive these tax benefits

Society Registration Renewal In Punjab

Society Registration renewal is the process of updating a society’s or non-profit organization’s registration with the appropriate government agency.

Every society registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 is valid for 5 years only. After that every society needs to renew itself.

The initial Renewal Fee of Society Registration is ₹200, although it can vary from state to state.

The process of renewing a society is wide & it includes various documents such as:

  • Application
  • Registration Certificate
  • List of Executive Members
  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Financial Statements
  • Audit Report
  • Copy of Utilization Certificate
  • Signature Of New Members
  • Bank Account & Passbook
  • Affidavit
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Renewal Fee

    What is Society Registration?

    Society Registration is a legal framework that governs the registration of societies and their functioning in Punjab.

    What are the documents For Society Registration in Punjab?

    For Society Registration you may need MoA, Rules & Regulation, list of members, residential proof, etc.

    What is a Society Registration Certificate in Punjab?

    Society Certificate is an official document that certifies the existence of a society registered under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act 1860.

    What is the required fee for Society Registration in Punjab?

    The required fee for society registration in Punjab is ₹18,000 for state level and ₹23,000 for National Level societies.