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Registration of One Person Company (OPC) is easy, online and fast. We provide DIN, DSC, Name Approval, MOA, AOA and Company Registration Certificate in all our packages with PAN and TAN Numbers. Start your company today!

What is One Person Company Registration? – Overview


To register a One Person Company in India, you must first understand its meaning. A One Person Company or OPC is a form of Private Limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013. It is owned by a single shareholder entitled to 100% share of its profits. However, his liability is restricted to the unpaid amount of his subscribed equity capital in the company. Decision-making processes are not very complicated as all decisions are approved by a single shareholder. So, if you do not want to share your ownership, a One Person Company can be your best choice!

Key Features of One Person Company:

  • Single-owner
  • Limited Liability
  • Distinct Management Structure
  • Entitlement to 100% Profits
  • Perpetual Succession through Nominee

Checklist & Documents


The table below consists of two sections. The first section lists the minimum requirements for OPC formation which includes its ownership, directorships, name and office of the company. The adjacent section lists all the documents required for OPC Registration. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation may result in your application getting rejected. So, referring to this list before applying for OPC Registration is extremely crucial.

Minimum Requirements

  • Single Shareholder
  • One Resident Director
  • Maximum 15 Directors
  • Valid name of the OPC
  • A Registered Office

List of Documents

  • Documents of Partners
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Colour Photo
  • ID Proofs
  • Address Proofs

Registered Premises

  • Latest Address Proof
  • NOC from the owner


  1. Promoters include all first shareholders and first directors of the One Person Company
  2. We recommend you send the soft copies of documents to us. Also our start up advisors will share a questionnaire with you to seek necessary information. We will verify the information and legal documents sent to us. Please contact us for further clarifications and a copy of the prescribed NOC format.

How to Register One Person Company? – Stepwise Process


OPC Registration Process in India can be completed in a series of steps. A form must be filed with necessary OPC documents required for registration. The ROC will examine the filed application and if successfully verified, will issue a Certificate of Incorporation in the OPC’s name. The Certificate of Incorporation becomes a conclusive proof for OPC registration in India.

Step-1: Documentation

One Person Company company registration process begins with preparing all necessary documentation. To register OPC in India, you will need the basic KYC documents of the promoters and documents of the registered office. Refer to the list of documents above for complete information. Also, since the application is to be signed digitally, make sure the promoters have their Class 3 digital signature certificates.

Step-2: Select a name for your One Person Company

The next step in OPC Registration process is selecting a valid name for the OPC as per MCA guidelines. After selecting the name, you must get it approved and reserved by the ROC. For this, an application can be filed in the PART A of SPICE Plus form to the ROC. Once the name is reserved, it is valid for 20 days and the OPC must be incorporated within this time.

Step-3: Drafting of MoA and AoA

MOA is the constitution of the one person company, and the AOA is its document of internal rules and regulations. These are important OPC documents required to be submitted during the one person company registration process. So, make sure these are drafted beforehand in the appropriate legal format. They must be signed by all the shareholders, and stamped by a public notary after the payment of applicable stamp duty.

Step-4: Filing application for OPC Registration Online

Once all the documents and drafts are ready, you can finally file the SPICe+ application for OPC incorporation online. The form must be accompanies by the necessary documents and drafts, uploaded in their digital formats. Finally, the authorised director can sign the form using his class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. The form is further certified by a practicing professional such as a CA, CS, CMA or Advocate of the High Court.

Step-5: Issue of Certificate of Incorporation

The SPICE Plus application, after submission, reaches the office of Registrar of Companies. The ROC examines all the details and documents submitted for accuracy and authenticity. If satisfied with the submissions, ROC approves the application and proceeds with the OPC Company Registration process. It registers the OPC and issues a Certificate of Incorporation in its name.

Registration or Enrollments Under Spice Plus

  • Allotment of DIN
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • GST Registration (Optional)
  • EPFO Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • Bank Account Opening (Optional)
  • PTEC (only for select state)

What is One Person Company Registration Fees in India?


One Person Company Registration fees depend on the company’s nominal share capital. However, while calculating the overall cost, registration fees is only one factor. We have other factors which raise the overall cost of OPC registration in India. These include the following:

Cost of Digital Signature: The OPC Company Registration form is signed by one of the company’s authorised directors. For this, he uses his class 3 Digital Signature. We provide Class 3 Digital Signatures for all promoters of the OPC.

DIN of Directors: All Directors of the OPC must possess their DIN or Director Identification Numbers. DIN is a mandatory information to be submitted by all directors in OPC registration form.

Stamp Duty Payment: Documents like MOA and AOA submitted during OPC registration must be stamped and notarised. Stamp Duty applicable in the jurisdiction must be paid for this purpose.

Name Approval: The Cost of Name Approval is also an important factor contributing to the overall cost of OPC registration. This cost is fixed at Rs.1,000 per application.

Benefits of a One Person Company Registration

If you are going for single person company registration, a One Person Company should be your clear choice! Wondering Why? Go through the table below explaining all OPC benefits in detail and you will get your answer. From Sole Ownership Control to Limited Liability, OPC benefits are huge and numerous. They not only extend to its owner, but all other stakeholders like directors, creditors, and customers.

Sole Ownership

The single shareholder is entitled to pocket all the profits of the company.

Limited Liability

The liability of the sole owner is restricted to his subscribed capital only.

Easy Credit Facilities

Banks and Financial Institutions prefer to lend to legally registered entities

Easy to incorporate

The process of incorporation is extremely simple and 100% online

Smooth Management

The sole shareholder exercises full control over decision making in an OPC

Perpetual Existence

An OPC can be indefinitely succeeded by the nominee of each shareholder

OPC vs Sole Proprietorship

Both Sole Proprietorship and OPC are single-owner businesses in India. However, OPC is clearly a better choice for a single entrepreneur owing to several factors. These include easy incorporation, distinct legal identity, limited liability and so on. The table below draws a comprehensive and detailed comparison between the two businesses and highlights their pros and cons. It is insightful enough to help you make an informed choice.

One Person Company (OPC)

Merits (Pros)

  • Distinct Legal Identity
  • Limited Liability
  • Separate Management Structure
  • Perpetual Existence
  • No Sharing of Profits
  • Transparent Operations
  • Easy to Incorporate

Demerits (Cons)

  • Limited Investment Potential
  • Greater Compliances
  • FDI Not Permitted
  • Restricted Business Operations

Sole Proprietorship

Merits (Pros)

  • Easy to Set Up
  • No Requirement of Formal Incorporation
  • No Sharing of Profits
  • Lesser Compliances
  • Full Control Over Management

Demerits (Cons)

  • No Distinct Identity
  • Unrestricted Liability
  • No Separate Management Structure
  • Limited Investment Potential
  • Limited Period Existence
  • FDI not Permitted
  • Cannot Get Recognised as Startup

    What is the difference between One Person Company and Other Forms of Business?

    A One Person Company is a single owner business akin to a Proprietorship Firm. However, unlike a proprietorship, the liability of the sole shareholder of an OPC is limited. Moreover, unlike a proprietor, the sole shareholder of the OPC does not get involved in the management of the business. The management is controlled by directors in an OPC. We have prepared a comprehensive and detailed comparison table for all forms of businesses, for your better understanding.

    What is One Person Company Registration cost in India?

    To register OPC in India, you are required to pay OPC Registration fees to the ROC. This depends on the company’s authorised capital. The overall cost of OPC company registration also includes the costs of DSC, DIN, and stamp duty on MOA and AOA.

    Can an individual become a shareholder in more than one OPC?

    No. A person can become a member in only one OPC.

    What is a nomination in OPC Registration?

    An OPC can be inherited by the nominee of the shareholder after his death. Every successive shareholder of the OPC must choose a nominee immediately after he assumes the office. No individual can be appointed as a nominee, unless he gives his consent in INC-3 form. The consent of the nominee along with his notice of appointment must be submitted to the ROC in INC-4 form.

    What is the prescribed format for NOC filed to register OPC company in India?

    Before a One Person Company occupies a registered office, a no objection certificate must be obtained from its owner. While filing the application for OPC Pvt Ltd registration, you are required to submit the NOC issued by the owner.