Net Worth Certificate

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  • What is a Net Worth Certificate
  • What is the need of a Networth Certificate
  • How to get the Networth certificate by CA
  • What are the Documents Required for the Networth Certificate

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What is a Net Worth Certificate?


A Net Worth Certificate is a document drafted and certified by a Chartered Accountant. It takes into account all the assets and liabilities of an individual or a company. The main role of the certificate lies in gauging the financial health of the applicant by the decision-maker.

A Chartered Accountant’s certification is usually required as part of visa applications, bank loans, franchise applications, etc.

What is Networth?


The networth of an individual or company is the total assets of the individual or company minus the total liabilities.

That is why net worth is a good indicator of a person’s total financial value at any given point in time.

A positive net worth that is growing year on year shows good financial health whereas a negative net worth or year-on-year declining net worth indicates poor financial conditions. Net Worth is used as an indicator of financial health in various processes.

What is the need of a Net Worth Certificate / Networth Certificate?


Net Worth Certificate is essential for the below reasons:

  1. Net Worth Certificate for Visa Application
    Net Worth Certificate for Visa by a CA is a mandatory requirement during a visa application process. The requirement of the certification is to determine the financial net worth of the visa applicant.
  2. Networth Certificate by CA for Bank Loans
    Networth Certificate by CA is sometimes a requirement during a bank loan application. It helps in ascertaining the financial net worth of the loan applicant.
  3. Franchisee Application
    The Networth certificate by a CA is a requirement during franchisee agreements as well. The franchisors are interested to evaluate the net worth of the franchisee

How to get a Net Worth Certificate?


  1. Connecting with a Chartered Accountant
    We at CA in Delhi, help you connect with a Chartered Accountant who would be best suited for Net Worth Certificates
  2. Review Phase
    A chartered accountant reviews your assets and liabilities through a set of documents required for the certificate and complies with a net worth calculation.
    In the case of properties, you might also need to get the help of property valuers. CAs generally have property valuers in their network, and can further help you connect with property valuers
  3. CA Certification
    Once all the documents have been reviewed by Chartered Accountant, and Net Worth is communicated to you, a CA will prepare the certification (by generating UDIN), and will certify the same. That’s it!

What are the Documents Required for the Networth Certificate


  • Proof of Fixed assets.
  • Pledged securities.
  • Intangible assets with proof.
  • Bank Statement to ascertain bank balance.
  • Investments in shares/ mutual funds.
  • Capital involved in Business.
  • Vehicles, etc.

    Who can authorize the Certificate?

    A Chartered Accountant can help you certify your Net Worth

    Is the Certificate mandatory for all?

    No, it differs based on the situation and entity, and purpose.