Introducing a new solution for personal accounts used for business, plus over 10 new features

With our summer 2023 product enhancements, created with you in mind, we’re making it easier to get through your admin tasks and uncover even more financial insights so you can make the right decisions for your business.

A new way to manage business transactions from personal accounts

The most comprehensive tool on the market to help you add business transactions from your personal accounts to Bench, saving even more time.

Automate the flow of transactions

Stripe is for any online or e-commerce business looking to send and accept credit and debit payments. Simple and intuitive, Stripe takes care of your complex billing and payout structures.

Don’t sweat the details

Square is for small business owners looking to take payments both in person and online. It's ideal if you need a solution to process transactions, or to take care of back office tasks like inventory and employee management.

Capture more tax deductions

If you’re looking to set-up shop, or elevate your existing ecommerce store, Shopify is the ideal platform to showcase your products. Use their suite of apps and plugins to customize the perfect experience for shoppers and your experience as an entrepreneur.

A complete real-time view of your business

Data from personal accounts is incorporated in real-time for a more accurate business overview.

Secure management of your finances

We’re committed to protecting all your financial information using bank-rate standards of security.

Stay in the know with our expert team

With our resources and expert team, you’ll get a full understanding of IRS requirements for mixing personal and business transactions.

Interested in partnering with Smiths?

We’re always looking to expand our network of partners. If you think your company has what it takes to make life better for small business owners, we’d love to hear from you.