MGT-7A Annual return for OPC & small co

What is the MCA MGT 7 Form?

The MGT 7 is an electronic form which is allocated to all companies by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for filing details of their annual return. The Registrar of Companies maintains this e-form via electronic mode and on the basis of the statement of correctness given by the company.

It is a popular form among the companies which are required to file the form as per the norms and regulations of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Who Needs to File the MGT 7 Form?

All the registered companies in India must file this e-form every year doesn’t matter if the company is private or public. The requirement of filing the form MGT 7 by the company is for its annual return.

What if the Company does not File MCA Form MGT 7?

If any company does not file form MGT 7 on time, it would attract a penalty of INR 100 per day as default. The levied penalty was remarkably increased from 2018. So, it should be a good approach to file an annual return in this form before the last date.

Download the MGT 7 Form Format from the MCA Portal

One can easily download the MGT 7 form from the MCA portal under the “Annual filing e-forms” category.

MGT 7 Form Late Filing Fees (MCA)

In case of delay in the filing of the MGT 7 annual company return, a company is required to pay an additional fee as a penalty along with the normal fee. The MGT 7 late filing fee is INR 100 per day.

What’s the Objective Behind Filing the e-Form MGT 7?

The Form MGT 7 is filed for annual return however it contains all the particulars as similar to appear in the closing of the financial year. These particulars hold details of :

  • The registered office, primary business activities, details of its holding, subsidiary and associate companies
  • The shares, bonds and other securities and shareholding pattern of the company financial obligations of the company
  • The members and debenture-keepers along with changes associated with them since the end of the last financial year
  • The promoters, directors, and key managerial personnel along with changes associated with them since the end of the last financial year;
  • Meetings of members or a class thereof, Board and its various committees along with attendance details
  • Payment of directors and principal managerial personnel;
  • Details of penalty or punishment imposed on the company, its directors or officers and facts of the composition of offences and appeals made against such penalty or punishment
  • The issues related to certification of compliances and disclosures as may be specified
  • It’s a Shareholding format
    Such different issues as needed in the form

Which are the Needed Attachments to File the MGT 7 Form?

One can file this e-form by attaching the scanned copy of documents under the attachment head. This attachment section is provided at the end of the form which requires given below attachments following:

  • List of investors, debenture holders
  • Approval letter for augmentation of AGM
  • MGT-8 copy if applicable
  • Optional Attachment(s), if any

What is the Due Date for Filing MGT 7 MCA Form?

  • The company is required to file the form MGT 7 within 60 days from the Annual General Meeting date.
  • The last date for conducting the annual general meeting is on or before the 30th day of September after the closing of every financial year.
  • The last date for filing Form MGT 7 was the 28th of November 2023 for the FY 2022-23
  • In the FY 2023-24, the last day to file Form MGT 7 is November 28th, 2024

Steps to File an MGT 7 Annual Return Form

Step 1: Registration and Other Details

  • CIN Number of theCompany
  • Name of the Company
  • Date of the Incorporation
  • Type of Company/Category of Company/Sub-Category of Company
  • Whether the Company has a share capital
  • Financial Year, Date and Time
  • Annual General Meeting held
MGT-7 Registration and Other Details

Step 2: Principal Business Activities of the Company

  • S.No
  • Main Activity Group Code
  • Description of Main Activity Group Code
  • Business Activity Code
  • Description Business Activity
  • Company Turnover in Percentage
MGT-7 Principal Business Activities

Step 3: Particulars of Holding

  • S.No
  • Name of the Company
  • Holding/Subsidiary/Associate/Joint Venture
  • Percentage of Share
MGT-7 Particulars of Holding

Step 4: Share Capital, Debentures, and Other Securities of the Company

MGT-7 Share Capital
MGT-7 Share Capital Transferred

Step 5: Debentures and Securities

MGT-7 Debentures and Securities

Step 6: MGT-7 Turnover Net Worth

  • Turnover
  • Net worth of the company
MGT-7 Turnover Net Worth

Step 7: MGT-7 Details of Directors

  • Composition of the Board of Directors
  • Details of Directors and Key managerial personnel at the end of FY
MGT-7 Details of Directors

Step 8: Meeting of Members, Class of Members, Board, Committees of the Board of Director

  • Member, Class, Requisitioned, NCLT, Court Convened Meeting
  • Board Meeting
  • Committee Meetings
MGT-7 Meeting of Members

Step 9: Remuneration of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel

MGT-7 Remuneration of Directors

Step 10: Matters Related to Certification of Compliances and Disclosures

MGT-7 Matters Related

Step 11: Penalty and Punishment

  • Details of the Penalties and Punishment Imposed on Company, Director and Officers
  • Detail of Compounding of Offences
MGT-7 Penalty and Punishment

Step 12: Complete List of Shareholders

MGT-7 Complete List of Shareholders

Step 13: Compliance of Sub Section

MGT-7 Compliance of Sub Section

Step 14: Declaration

MGT-7 Declaration

    About the MGT 7 e-form?

    The Company’s Annual Return form or MGT 7 form is required to be filed by every company. The form comprises of the company’s financial and non-financial details which are needed by the authorities.

    Who needs to file an MGT e-form?

    Every registered firm operating in Indian premises including One Person Company and small company are required to file Form MGT 7.

    When does the form need to be filed?

    Depending upon the situations of various companies there are different due dates of filing Form MGT 7: Case 1 – In the case of One Person Company, e-form MGT 7 needs to be submitted to legal authorities within 60 days starting from the expiry of 6 months from the closing date of FY. For Example, if FY ends on 31 March 2020, then 6 months from the end of FY will complete on 30 September 2020. So the prescribed due date of filing MGT 7 is 28 November 2020 (i.e. 60 days from 30 Sept 2020). Case 2 – In the case of company’s except OPC, MGT 7 needs to be filed within 60 days starting from the date of concluding the Annual General Meeting (AGM). If in case the company fails to conduct the AGM then also it needs to furnish MGT 7 Form along with the valid reason for not conducting the AGM.

    What is the penalty for the late filing of MGT 7?

    As declared by Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Second Amendment Rules 2018, the late filing of form MGT 7 will invite penalty of Rs. 100 per day of delay counted from the expiry of the due date of filing MGT 7.