NGO Darpan Registration


The NGO-Darpan is a distinctive platform that serves as an interface for NGOs and vital Government Departments. The NGO Darpan is creativity started by the NITI Aayog and the National Informatics Center. It permits the interchange of crucial information between such Non-Profit Government Organizations, Volunteer Organizations, bodies, Government Departments, and ministries. Doing the NGO Darpan Registration online will help the Non-Profit Government Organizations receive vital updates concerning government grants and other benefits. To achieve the objective of smoothly doing business and other social benefits that pay to the nation-building activities, a committed Centralized Portal is made available to NGO/VO in which they can effortlessly enrol with the Indian Government and overall centralized database is available with the Indian Government which helps in Formation of Social Welfare Activities, which can be operated via these NGO/VO. Scroll down to check more information regarding NGO Darpan Registration in India.

Brief Overview of NGO Darpan Registration in India

NGO Darpan is an interfacing platform between Voluntary Organisation (VO) or Non Government Organization (NGO) and key or fundamental ministries/ departments/ government bodies. It is a free facility provided by the NITI Aayog in collaboration with National Informatics Centre to foster and encourage more transparency and accountability.

This pandemic situation has proved the worth of NGOs in fighting the odds of this difficult time. NGOs have provided meals and basic facilitates to the poor and needy ones in their hard time. But, do you know their source of finance? Yes, it is donations and majorly the grants received from government schemes. Therefore, it is very important for NGOs to know about NGO darpan, the platform established by National Institute for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) for registration of NGOs. By getting itself registered, these organisations can stay updated about the various beneficiary schemes of government of funding and grants.

Benefits of Getting NGO Darpan Registration

Following are the benefits of getting registered under NGO Darpan

  • Government Grant are a major source of finance and to avail them the organisation must be registered on this platform
  • The Unique ID received after registration provides more creditability to the NGO
  • This helps you in staying updated with the launch of various government schemes
  • By getting registered here you can apply or avail grant online.

Who can apply for NGO Darpan Registration?

The organisations mentioned below can apply for registration under NGO Darpan /NITI Aayog registration:

  • Non Government Organisation
  • Society
  • Trust
  • Charitable Institution
  • Voluntary Organisation or VOs

Documents Requirement for NGO Darpan Registration

Here’s a quick glance at the documents essential for NGO Darpan registration.

  • PAN Card of the organisation
  • Address proof of the organisation
  • Date of registration
  • Aadhar card and PAN card of the member of the governing body
  • Trust deed or certificate of incorporation or society registration certificate
  • A valid mobile number and email id of each member
  • Detailed information about the funding or source of income received or proposed income
  • The detailed information about the activities required to carry out or which it proposes to carry out
  • Details of the three members who will be designated on these posts in the executive committee of the governing body
  • Chairman or President
  • Secretary general or person in charge of operations of the entity
  • Treasurer or person responsible for financial decisions

    What is the limit for getting registered under NGO Darpan?

    There as such no time limit for getting your NGO registered under NGO Darpan. One can apply any time by having a valid PAN Card and registration certificate.

    Whether there is a need for renewal of this registration?

    There is as such no requirement for renewal of this registration as it is a onetime process.

    Is it possible to get multiple registrations on single PAN?

    No, it is not possible to get multiple registrations on single PAN as it can be applied only once using same PAN.

    When I will start getting the grants from government department?

    After getting registered you have contact the concerned department wherein you ought to receive the grant via quoting your unique id at NGO Darpan. If you satisfy all the mandatory or required criteria, then you will receive the grant accordingly.