Producer Company Registration

The main concept of the producer company is to empower the farmers by gathering clusters of farmers in an organised manner as a Producer Company.a Producer Company is a company that works mainly with agriculture and crops processing activities. Get more details on the Producer company from below and register your producer Company with our experts Help.

Overview Private Limited Company Registration


Agriculture has remained the center stage and backbone of the Indian economy for years. Its impact on the nation’s GDP is beyond incredible. 60% of India’s population relies on agricultural activities for their livelihood.For years, this sector was in desperate need of ground-up rectification against the pressing issues related to technological implementation, agriculture labor, policy changes, etc.

In light of this fact and to instill better governance, the government of India in 2002, with an expert committee, headed by Y.K. Alagh, came up with the concept of Producer Company.Since then, they are working with the motive to uplift Indian farmers and agriculturalists

The ‘PRODUCE’, Produce means the things have been produced or grown by farming. A Producer Company has been incorporated for the purpose of  agriculture activities and post-harvest processing activities and object of incorporation of Producer Company is production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, and export of primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for their benefit.

The Legal Definition of Producer Company Isa body corporate possessing objects or undertakings as cited under section 581B andregistered as producer company under the Companies Act as Producer Company. The goals of such companies is related to all or any of the given matters:

Production /  Harvesting / Procurement/ Grading / Pooling / Handling / Marketing / Selling / Import-export of primary produce

Objects of the Producer Company

The main objects of the producer company are as below:-


Production activities which relates to harvesting, grading, procurement, pooling, marketing or export of agriculture produce outside the country.


Processing would include preserving, distilling, drying, brewing, vinting and canning related activities.


Any type of manufacturing activities related to agriculture would be included under this.

Rendering Technical Services

Any Technology related services or Consultancy services or any research and development (R & D) would also be a part of a producer company.

Promotional Activities

Activities related to the promotion of technology and allied services would also be included under this.

Generating Activities

Generational activities which are related to producing electricity and water for producing agricultural activities.

Benefits of Producer Company Registration

A Producer company enjoys all the benefits of a private limited company such as:

Separate Legal Entity

Just like a private limited company, a registered farmer producer company is also considered as a separate legal entity that can purchase or sell land at its own name.

Limited Liability

The liabilities of the members are limited, and their personal assets cannot be used to cover up the debt and losses of the company.

Ease in Management

An applicant can make desired changes in the board of management by filling some simple form with regards to the registrar of Companies (ROC)

Tax Benefits

The Income Tax Act does not specify any specific tax benefit which essentially provides special tax benefits or exemptions to producer companies by its definition. However, subject to the agricultural activity carried out by the producer company, certain tax benefits and exemption can be availed.

For example,

  • Agriculture Income of a Farmer is 100% Exempt from Income Tax
  • Income earned from the production of green tea is 60% exempted

Hence, Tax benefit and exemption to a producer company is totally depending upon the activity it carries on

More Credible and transparent

More credibility is offered to the registered companies as compared to the non-registered ones.

Types of Producer Companies in India


The following are the different types of producer companies that exist in India.

Production Businesses

This type of entity deals with the production, procurement, or manufacturing of primary produce.

Marketing Businesses

This type of establishmentis engaged in the business of the marketing or promotion of primary produce or provision of educational services.

Technical Service Businesses

Such establishment primarily renders educational services and training to producers. It may also be engaged with activities related to research and development.

Financing Business

As the name suggests, the financial business is the one that offers financial assistance to companies mentioned in this list. Their major stream of revenue comes from the interest imposed on the disbursed amount.

Infrastructure Businesses

Such entities usually provide the infrastructure to producers in terms of water resources, electricity, land utilization, irrigation techniques, and so on.

Rules and Regulations for Easy Availability of Loans and Credits

The Producer Company aim to improve the standard of their living and ensure a good status of their available support, incomes and profitability. And Hence, Loans to member plays an integral part.

Law Relating to Loans And Advances& Credit Facilities

The Producer Company can provide Loans and advances would to its members against security for 7 or less than 7 years from the date of disbursement of the loan

Producer company shall provide Credit facilities its members of the for a period of 6 months or less than that.


NABARD stands for National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development which helps to meet the financial requirements of small and regional scale farmers. The members of Producer Company can obtain loans under the NABARD loan scheme.

Prerequisite to form a Producer Company

The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled for Incorporation of Producer Company:


As per Companies Act, 2013, minimum 5 directors are required for incorporation of Producer Company. Maximum 15 directors can be appointed.

Ten or More Members

Ten or more natural persons are required for the formation of a producer company and all the members of the producer company must be individuals. No limit for maximum number of Members. All the members should be primary producers

Two or More Institutions

Two or more private Institutions or companies can register for incorporating a producer company. Either 10 or more individuals or along with institutions can start the producer company.

Minimum Paid- up Share Capital

A producer Company have a minimum paid up capital of Rs. 5 Lakhs.The company can only issue equity share capital.

To Register as Private Limited Company only


Minimum Amount of Board Meetings

The producer company must have at least four board meetingsin a yearand it should hold after every three months

Company Name

The company must have the words ‘Producer Company Limited’ at the end of the name.

Process for Incorporation of Producer Company

The process of registering a Producer Company is similar to that of a Private Limited Company.

Application for DSC


The DSC of the director is require to file the online application form for a producer company.

DSC can be taken by submitting a DSC application attached with identity proof, address proof, photographs of the respective signatory.

Name Approval

Once, Digital Signature (DSC) is obtained, an application for name reservation is to be filed with the ROC in SPICE+ Form PART A. The name of a producer company must end with the words “Producer Limited Company.

Filling of online application for Incorporation

Once, the suggested name is approved by the Registrar of Companies (ROC), an application for incorporation is to be filed in the prescribed format for the incorporation of the Producer Company in SPICE+ Part B. This form if filed along with e-MOA(Memorandum of Association), e-AOA(Article of Association), AGILE-Pro (Details for registration under EPFO & ESIC/ GST / Bank account Opening), URC-1,  INC-9, PAN and TAN Application.

Approval of application for Incorporation

Once the Registrar is satisfied with the application and the required documents filed for incorporation of Producer Company, ROC will approve the same and issue Certificate of Incorporation.

Documents required for Incorporation of Producer Company


Identity and Address Proof of Directors and members

Passport size photographs of the directors
Copy of Aadhar Card
Copy of Driving License or Voter ID or Passport
Copy of PAN Card
Copy of bank statement or electricity bill or mobile bill (not older than two months)
Copy of Passport

Proof of Registered Office

Copy of electricity or any other utility bill (not older than two months)
Rent agreement or lease deed(if rented)
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the property

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    Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.

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    Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.

    What is the comunity benefit?

    Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.